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Latest News

  • 2017-03-25

    2017-03-25 - Global Peering Forum 2017

    DF-IX will be at Global Peering Forum in New York City this year. Are you interested in meeting us? Schedule a meeting with Savvas Bout

  • 2017-03-24

    2017-03-24 - 40Gbps ports at DF-IX

    DF-IX will start offering 40Gbps ports at NIKHEF Amsterdam, Data Facilities Spijkenisse and Data Facilities The Hague. Interested in getting a port? Reserve yours today, limited capacity available.

  • 2017-03-04

    2017-03-04 - DF-IX to pass 10Gbps milestone

    In less than 3 months after we started provisioning our first ports, DF-IX has already passed its first 10 Gbps traffic milestone with 20 connected ports, totaling a network LAN capacity of 110Gbps. Interested in getting your port? Join today, it is free!

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